Inner Child

There is a beautiful little girl within me, a tender little thing full of love and empathy for all and a love for all things light-hearted and funny. Many years ago I made her a solemn promise, to always be by her side, to protect her, surround her with loving, gentle and fun kids and to create an inner garden and palace for her to enjoy life like never before.

I love this little girl with all my being and will gladly let go of anyone who hurts her and doesn’t hear her. She will always be my priority and beloved, all other relationships in my life will be secondary to her.

As we have come a long way I had to apologize for failing her more than I like, yet I am getting better at understanding her needs, honoring her boundaries, moving at her pace while teaching her about my adult perceptions and insights about the world and reframing beliefs and experiences to reveal their exciting possibilities and gifts.

We live in gratitude, magic, miracles and endless blessings and treasures of life as intuition and spirit guide us.
We love easily, generously and freely and live in the belief that everything is possible in life. We have learned to intuit the level of flow, inner peace and ease we need to cultivate and nourish in order to be open to the bounty of life.
We are getting better at discerning who comes to us as a catalyst or teacher for a short while and who is meant to stay by our side..
We have amazing and inspiring people in our lives, whose inner children have become beloved play mates and co-creators of fabulous experiences and much admired fellow journeyers in this life.
We keep meeting wonderful and expansive new people, always open to include more into our tribe as we are open to let them go when our time has come to an end.

How blessed we are to have this loving and caring relationship after all the pain, separation and unlove we experienced… I am feeling very proud of my little girl and my primary relationship.


Photo by Jan C. Schlegel – Alitash (9), Hamer tribe, Ethiopia

In the Hamar language, Alitash’s name means: “I never want to loose you, whenever I look for you may I find you again always. You are a precious treasure.”

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