Most of us use words in our daily conversation or written communications, very few of us do so with an awareness beyond basic concepts of communication.

Most have forgotten that words are a means of expressing our innate magic, of speaking new realities into being, of initiations into new worlds of perception, sensation and feeling and of profound healing.

Some of us are gifted storytellers. Their tales titillating our minds with unexpected turns, storylines and paradigm shifting ideas that inspire us. Very few of them even know how to elevate any narrative with their love for words and gift of tapping into their deeper magic to enchant minds. Rarer still the ones who are skillful in dancing with words to elicit subtle resonances which make our hearts sing.

But the rarest, and by far most magical to me, are the ones whose creative expressions and visions transcend the limitations of language and rigid rationality. Their words vibrant with the unique frequency of their Self enter the halls of our minds and open doors that take us beyond all we believe to know. Doors within which have remained unseen and explored for decades and lifetimes open with the resonance of their words to remembrance and knowing so vast it defies containment in our human mind.

I have no use for word policing, no use for formulaic approaches to communication and those who cannot allow their spirits to play and dance through words… my being finds its kin and joy in the cadence of the soul, seeks the wisdom in their experience and truths that awakens mine craves the words that ring with the rare tune of a home unknown to most.

May we keep dancing and diving deeper into the mysteries awaiting at the roots of our words and free them to oscillate with iridescent colors we have yet to see and become.

Photo: In Order to Control – Interactive Installation by Nota Bene Visual

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