Vision for the new Cycle

Notes to self:

  • Practice BEing in the NOW.
  • Make BEing an embodiment of love, evolutionary consciousness and self mastery your priority.
  • BE the fullest version of Self you can be.
  • BE an embodiment and loving protector of freedom, yours and other’s.
  • Master your ego and mind, teach them to serve Self and Source/Life/the Divine.
  • BE better at balancing internal contrasts (work/rest, action/receptivity, yin/yang, etc.) and expand your wellbeing, resilience and joy.
  • Express more of your honest and heartfelt love, gratitude and appreciation to those around you. It is still too rare in our world and we all can do better.
  • Live from your Soul’s vision, not from current circumstances or trending narratives.
  • Expect life to evolve and work out in ways that best serve your growth and expansion.
  • Trust the timing of your life’s unfolding and keep showing up best you can while practicing patience.
  • Learn to guard and preserve your energy with discernment, your balance and energetic sovereignty are more important than adhering to social scripts or traditions.
  • Move into new adventures, opportunities, paths and challenges with your ALL.
  • Focus on your sphere of influence, on who you can BE, what you can do or co-create in service of higher consciousness.
  • Witness everything with zero point consciousness and detachment, allowing yourself to know the observed from all perspectives without treating any one perspective preferentially. 
  • Reject the baits of dualistic narratives, divisive ideas and ideologies, and anything else that feeds ego-trips on superiority.
  • Know your ego’s triggers and disarm them by healing the underlying pain, shame or distorted beliefs. 
  • Keep releasing attachments to identity, self and narratives.
  • Listen deeply to others, beyond the opinions and identifications they express. 
  • Discern their underlying motivations, woundings, patterns and limitations and meet them with kindness, compassion and love as much as you possibly can.
  • Be selective in the choice of the company you keep, surrounding yourself with those who are striving for learning, growth, and expansion of consciousness while integrating the ego into a position of service.
  • Be mindful and discerning in engaging with people who are ego-driven, meeting them from love and compassion. Give yourself permission to decline engagements whenever they could be detrimental to your wellbeing and vibration.
  • Prioritize, cultivate, balance and nurture your chosen relationships with an abundance of love and energy. 
  • Be an ambassador of honesty, compassion and kindness to all you encounter.
  • BE kind to yourself, taking exceptionally good care of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body in all the ways they need to be flexible, adaptive, resilient, strong and open to Self-leadership.
  • Listen to guidance, intuition and symbols which meet your awareness every day. 
  • Honor the sacredness of life, remember to begin with yours and the lives of loved ones. 
  • Keep serving life – always and in all ways you are called to.
  • Keep sharing your gifts, insights, wisdom and love with generosity of heart and soul.
Photography:  @mjrodriguez7 by David Dunan
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