History to HERSTORY

I have patiently sat with my pain and anger, learned the lessons that I attracted for this part of my journey and affirmed, once again, my wholehearted commitment to Self and Source.

Now the time has come to close out this chapter, to cut ties with these aspects of the past, discard what is dead, let go of what no longer is life-enhancing and head towards creating happiness, love and joy for my heart and my beloveds.

I bow in gratitude to the teachers, the shadows and egos of others that challenged and tested me beyond what my mind thought I could take for they have shown me the infinite strength and power at the core of BEINGness.

Thank you for showing me that I no longer need to play or tolerate these games, nor allow people who fail to honor right relating and the value of our connections to remain in my life because of the ‘history’ we shared.

Thank you for this painful yet utterly liberating reminder that I can live HERSTORY in all its sweet tender and compassionate love NOW and leave this pathetic strife and egoic drama behind like the bad dream it really is.

Onwards and upwards into the mystery of life!

Art by Unknown
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