Things I Intend to Grow and Expand in 2019

Expanding in Love

Expand in awareness and self-reflection, Integrating the parts that fear love or don’t want to give it, illuminate the negativity held in my subconscious and gently release its beliefs, patterns and existence, lower defences that outlived their usefulness and cultivate trust.

Service to Life

Showing up to serve Life in every way I am called for in the moment. Honing my skills of listening to guidance and intuition, learning about the nature of existence and universal laws, unlearning untruths and manipulative conditionings, creating more moments of stillness, receptivity, sound healing, reflection, dance, laughter and other ways of enlivening communion with Source in order to be of better service.

Zero-point Consciousness 

Perceiving, living and acting from the knowing that all things appearing dual are different degrees of the same. Creating unity in perception and emotional intelligence.

Creative Potentiality 

Connecting more regularly and anchoring in the creative potentiality of Source and the joy, love and bliss at the core of being.


Retraining my nervous system to default to a state of “rest and digest”, cultivating and anchoring myself into the emotional and mental state of infinite peaceful, blissful and spacious awareness. 


Living my life embodied, one with my body instead of living in my head. Honoring the intrinsic oneness of all my bodies and being with every breath.

Edge Play 

Relating with others from the edges of my subtle anatomy while keeping my being free from electromagnetic entanglements with others and in my soul’s sacred wholeness.


Remembering I do not have to engage with everybody or give my attention to someone or something all the time.That is not me disregarding them but honoring my boundaries, energy and truth.  Especially if it feels unaligned or exhaustive to me. 

Investing in Visions

Keep prioritizing my goals, wellbeing, needs and wants to helping others. Changing the previously unhelpful order of these to create a better balance.


Keep rebuilding the foundation and structures of my being and life from the inside out. Bringing the inner into material form and being receptive for co-creators.

Asking for Help

Releasing the notion that I have to do everything on my own and welcoming back the joy of co-creating.


Photography: Fantasma by Kent Andreasen
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