New Year

I am grateful for those of my loves who had close encounters with death and were protected.⠀
I am grateful for another year with precious moments of joy, laughter and gratitude given to beloveds who experience chronic or serious illnesses.
I am grateful for those, who steeped in darkness, were tempted to leave this life behind yet chose to stay and grace us with their unique beingness.⠀
I am grateful for friends of olden days who returned or drew closer.⠀
I am grateful for relationships healed, transformed and elevated to new dimensions of connection, appreciation and love. ⠀

I am grateful for a year of deep learning, understanding, knowing, figurative deaths, transformations and rebirths. The first in the past 8 years I experienced more of the gains and less of the losses. A year in which I reclaimed more of my innocence, creative potentiality and power, a year I delved into deeper knowing and intimacy with my shadow and gained more inner freedom and peace. A wondrous year that had me more often in awe than any other and bestowed more gifts upon me than I could ever hope to account for here.⠀

May the new year be one of blessings, strong foundations, clear intentions, intuitive guidance, creative visions, joyful manifestations, loving community and thriving in abundance, prosperity, health, ease, love and grace.⠀

Blessed and blissful new beginnings to all!

Photography: Unknown
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