I am reveling in the joys and gifts of saying YES to a beloved.

There is something deeply enlivening, healing and joyful in observing your being meet a beloved’s being, needs, wants, dreams and wishes with yes and yes and yes again. The magic of effortless, authentic and whole-hearted welcoming of the multi-dimensional wholeness of him is sublime and intoxicating in the best of ways.

Where do I find the words to describe the sensations and delights of feeling, sensing, seeing and hearing his YES to my being? The flutter and waves of energy, feelings and emotions flooding my body due to being wanted in playful delight, ever the blissful recipient of his enchanting presence and giving nature.

I am in adoration of our dance, sharing our realities, the flow of self-revelation, vulnerability, sensuality, intimacy, teasing and love. Feeling grateful for the awakening of dormant parts of myself and old dreams coming back thanks to his presence in my life and the power of our co-creative energy.

Witnessing in awe my energy and body subtly shift as our connection deepens. Welcoming unfurling spirals and pathways into unknown realms of relating and being. Holding space for whatever wants to emerge in and through us.

Thank you, Love.

Photography by Vadim Stein
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