The Oppressor in Me

The most challenging experience I have had to date is facing, knowing and meeting the oppressor and victimizer in me.
Meeting this archetype, expressing consciously and unconsciously through me, with curiosity, facing the judgements and attachments I observe arising in me when engaging with her or being identified with her, feeling the emotional responses of shame, guilt, anger, frustration, sadness and grief, contemplating the artificial sense of power, safety and superiority which the ego feeds on when being oppressive, and finally feeling the real sense of ease, relief, peace and equanimity whenever integration and loss of attachments are sustained.

This is where I can most powerfully and totally undo the oppression I witness all around: within. The dismantling of systems of oppression begins with me:

With reflection and weeding out of the language, thinking, beliefs, concepts and culture I use and am attached to. By contemplating what the oppressor in me is fighting, where the internal division has happened

By feeling what the oppressor in me flees and fears, honoring these hidden feelings as intrinsic part of my experience, undoing the compartmentalization in emotional awareness which allows the oppressor in me to lack empathy and knowing of another’s emotions when she acts out in her blind and unfeeling violence.

Releasing the stuck energy, memories and patterns of oppression held in my body and subconscious. Inviting and empowering my body to release these burdens and move towards balance and healing by anchoring more deeply into the knowing of my true nature.

To free my spiritual practice from cosmologies and energies (gods/goddesses/archetypes) which are distorted with the frequency or seeds of oppression. Supporting my being to heal the divisions and wars on all dimensions (mental, emotional, physical). Focusing on practices which nourish and strengthen love, loving-kindness, peacefulness, wisdom and unity consciousness to resource myself and lay a strong foundation for kind and sovereign interactions.

Until the oppressor/ victimizer is fully disempowered and integrated into the wholeness of my being I remain prone to unconsciously distort towards this poisonous dynamic in all of my perceptions and actions and an easy pawn in the game of illusions and enslavement. Allowing my being and actions in this world to remain fodder for multiple systems of oppression and victimization and the controller matrix.

May all beings move beyond the evil of oppression within as without and may all beings be at pace.

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