Spiritual Gardening

2018 is to date my most fruitful and rewarding spiritual gardening year.

A confluence of new insights and knowing which created more internal cohesion, new spiritual tools and practices that enabled the healing of deep childhood traumas and more self loving choices on my part created a bountiful inner garden.

It is an awesome feeling to look back at a year and feel more than content with the work I accomplished and the freedom, joy and creative flow it allowed for.

What a change to the past 9 years that felt like an endless grind of cycles of painful losses, purging and disintegration to now experience the reclaiming of inner landscapes and seeing them bloom as I gain mastery of my selves and learn to embody my sovereignty in more and more areas of my life with clarity,  ease and flow.

Nothing beats this feeling of inner cohesion, joyful and creative interplay of selves after decades of inner conflicts and sabotaging.

And the cherry on the pie is the freeing of the relationship with my first love and healer from the pain, limitations and blockages past betrayals, disappointments and fears caused… welcome back Music, it has been too long! 

How is your spiritual gardening? 

What are the gifts this year brought to your life? 

Are your inner landscapes thriving and blooming? 

Which new seeds do you plan on seeding for the next cycle? 

Art: Arctic-Designs via DeviantArt
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