Fear of the Body

I had a surprising realization yesterday while I was in the midst of a current practice to release fear programs.

Suddenly my mind turned towards my body and I saw that after all the work in self love and honoring of my body there was still deep down in my subconscious a FEAR OF THE BODY.

Consciously that didn’t make any sense to me because what is there to be afraid of in having this protective and fascinating form? But on opening more to it I got flashes of feelings of overwhelm at the rush of sensations a body gives a soul.
Could it be that my soul has experienced a trauma at interfacing with a human body causing feelings of unease and distrust to reverberate throughout lifetimes?

Whatever the causation or details, this is my current healing and growth edge: To connect more trustingly, in bliss and love with my body as this old fear is released with gratitude for the treasure of experiences it brought to me.

My intent is and shall be unity, peace, sovereignty and love within my being and all that is.

Photography: Unknown
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