Blessed New Year

May the call of consciousness ring loud and clear in our minds.

May we follow the light and darkness of Consciousness with trust and knowing.

May we live in the knowing of our true nature and oneness while playing at separation.

May we play at being embodied from the whole range of consciousness accessible to us and through the nuanced expressions of our vehicle.

May we forego the empty promises of human doing to live in the realm of blissful presence.

May our human hearts and minds be free from the distortions of desire and perceive reality clearly and multi-dimensionally.

May this year see us master walking the Soul’s path from higher wisdom and non-doing.

May we release all obstacles to letting Consciousness play us as the hollow bamboo we came to be.

May we be compassionate and loving with all as we keep co-creating experiences.

Blessed BE.

Art: Namaste by Whole Hearted Art
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