There is a numinous stillness in winter.
And though everything seems frozen and dead life is still being seeded, born, nurtured, composted and upcycled in this time of darkness.

A time that calls to us to turn within, to retreat from the bustle and rush of man-made reality, to rest in communion with our essence, and reflect upon our year while safely reposing in the arms of the Dark Mother. Listening to her words of wisdom, love, and guidance, we may joyously and gratefully receive her precious gifts of inspiration and emulate her generosity by gifting and sharing of ourselves with others.
This is a time of seeding new beginnings and nurturing these with the heat of our passions for being, consciousness, creative play and love. In her dark and fertile realm everything exists in potentiality, available to any consciousness which calls it skillfully forth into matter and form.

This is is the cradle from which everything is born into our experience.

Here we are being initiated for what wants to be lived and experienced by us and others.

Open yourself dear heart, allow the subtle energies to gently wash away the dust from your windows of perception, allow the Dark Mother to take what no longer serves you and alchemize it, embracing her potent stillness before new creations arise and call you to play. Step out of your comfort zone, face your shadow play, and let your Soul’s song lead you to the precipice of the gifts of life that await you.

Surrender and allow yourself to be held by the Dark Mother as your Soul remakes you.

Trust and know that you are loved, infinitely loved and supported in more ways and dimensions than you ever can be aware of.

Bowing in gratitude to the Dark Mother in her season.

Blessed be as we journey this season of abundance beloved Soul kin.

Photography by Vlad Sokolovsky
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