The Invitation

I have been contemplating the outstanding and exquisite nature of a conversation with a stranger recently encountered on my walk.

Trying to remember when last I had a comparable experience of effortless and seamless flow of understanding, knowing, expansion, inspiration and the wonderment of encountering oneness, sameness and differentiation concurrently and blissfully. 

Thinking back and sense-feeling through memories of encounters with beloveds and inspiring beings on my path I only came up with two people who elicited similar, though by far not equal, experiences when first met: my best friend and one of my ex partners. 

This made the encounter even more rare and precious in retrospect.

This meeting did not feel like those with people  recognize as part of my soul tribe as it was not his energy feeling-sensing harmonious with mine which drew me in. Soul tribe gives me a sense of kinship, safety, and speaks to a similarity of heartfulness and qualities of being. I remain aware of our differentness while delighting in contrasts as opportunities for inspiration, learning, and expansion. There is an imminent affection and endearment I am well aware of and enjoying in the moment. It is a conscious experience of knowing and a choice for boundless openness and curiosity to explore and be with the other and whatever unfolds between us in time.

This was not what happened here.

It is only in retrospective reflection and contemplation that multilayered nature of our encounter reveals itself to me. In the moment of meeting him I was ‘just’ present, focused on the delightful mental-emotional exchange. It is only now that the extraordinary sense of ease and being at home with them and the felt-sensed sameness of frequency is cognizant to me. I guess it is so rare to be emitting the same chord of complex tones that I have not developed the awareness or alertness to it in the moment. It poses no danger so my nervous system did not develop an acute awareness to it. It was far more important to this human experience to suss out frequential harmony or disharmony with others to foresee and prevent pain or dysfunctional dynamics. 

The experience I had is decidedly different from moments of conversations with others where we gleefully discover same interests, ideas and finish each others sentences. It was not the delight in finding overlaps of perspectives, feelings or thoughts. These of course are amazing and valuable in their own right. What I shared with him was not a sameness of ideas or heartfulness but a sameness of calibration and focus of soul consciousness: The way our soul chooses to explore the human experience, to play with what is learned, and what gives the human mind purpose, meaning and delight in this journey. 

Which makes for a rare effect: A thought or experience shared is taken up by the other and threaded into an experience or idea of theirs, which doesn’t lead to the ‘usual’ delight in learning something new or unexpected through the different prism of perception of another but rather to an expansion of my own experience as the signature of his sharing is not just coherent but actually equal to mine. Their experience, though clearly not what I experienced in this incarnation or journey, is integrated seamlessly as if I had experienced it. There was a level of direct transmission and integration, I have not experienced in this degree of seamlessness and effortlessness before.

Can you tell how much I am struggling to find adequate words for this specific texture and sense of resonance with another?

I sense this is a new level of communion and communication which is slowly opening up to me and us. One where union and individuality are experienced at a depth which makes relating more joyful and less challenging as the knowing of oneness (not sameness!) is so wholly known that differences and sameness are but colors to explore in painting shared experiences and adventures. There is little snagging or adversity in contrasts of opinions, feelings or concepts as the degree of detachment in playing with human perceptions is more total than I have experienced before. And yet the feelings of love, compassion, joy, and being engaged as a whole being are much higher and encompassing than in other exchanges or meetings. Fascinating.

I know this is not essentially about the person I communicated with, though it has its weighty part in it, but primarily about the frequency of being we both have been emitting and engaging from. 

This seems to have been one of the preview moments I am gifted in order to call me into another dimension or mode of being and experiencing this magnificent life. A moment of remembrance of what life can be to inspire me to focus and master my energy purposefully and intentionally on what expands and grows the experience and radiation of love and unity in diversity.

The invitation has been received with gratitude, now I shall work with excitement towards a life filled with this level of communion, shared being, inspiration and bliss.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

Do you feel like sharing a bit about your perceptions and experience? 

Art by Unknown
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