Closing The Ranks

We decide with which layers of reality we wish to engage with, regardless if its consensus matrix reality or the larger undistorted reality of existence.
There are no false decisions, every choice is a valid path of exploration in the game of consciousness. No need to police or change another’s choices and perspective vantage points.
There is nothing to fix or try to understand there. (Note to self!)
We have the power and freedom to choose that people who engage with certain layers of reality and levels of unconsciousness will not be welcome in or part of our life and inner circles.
In line with that I have been guided to sift through my connections, discern their effects on my energy and vice versa and reshuffle them according to new insights and knowing.
A seeming contradiction of “closing the ranks” and opening more widely at the same time is my ongoing experience. Inviting more of supportive, inspiring, spirit-guided, heart-centered, kind, creative and joyful connections while shutting the door on those who are still unconsciously dominated by ego, shadow and the puppeteers of the matrix. I trust the universe to guide them towards awakening and light in their own time, regardless if in this lifetime or a following one. All in divine time and perfect unfolding.
I choose to co-create, be with, lift up, share, care for, nourish, laugh and dance with the ones ready to engage with higher dimensional realities and to embody the Self more fully. This is where my purpose, service, work and joy lie for this chapter of my incarnation.
And so I hold my soul kin and beloveds close to my heart in a circle of rainbow light resounding with excited giggles and open my heart and life to those who resonate on this level.
The time of preparation and purging is coming to a close and the time to go out, play and paint the world in iridescent colors is nigh…
Thank you for being in this time and serving in your soul’s chosen capacity!
Blessed be.
Photography by Unknown
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