Obsidian Dreams

“Own your shadow and you will own your life.”                    ~ Aletheia Luna

A couple of weeks back I asked my aspects (higher self) and Source to allow the majority of insights and processing of the integration of my shadow to be done in the dream lab. Not as a cheeky egoic way of avoiding the work, which I am more than glad to do. Whatever leads to freedom and peace is worth its efforts and pain to me. No my thoughts where that in the dream lab my subconscious, conscious and higher mind are all present and actively engaging each other and therefore that would be the most potent arena for change.

The first nights came with a deluge of imagery and intense feelings of frustration which led to my lucid dreamer waking or changing the dream repeatedly which didn’t get me anywhere with the inner work I am focused on. But then I was intuitively guided to get my black obsidian crystals and place them under my pillow… and everything shifted. My obsidian guided dreams have been a joy, especially now with the current full moon energy.

Every night I have at least 2 different subjects that are being reflected and integrated. Dreams putting me in scenarios that trigger shadow responses and allow me to experiment with the most aligned way of perceiving, framing and responding to them until it feels right. Showing me where my reactivity blinded me to much more peaceful and easy responses and leading to lots of laughter and gratitude upon waking as the train of insights and knowing keeps anchoring itself in my conscious awareness.

For many days in a row my first words uttered loudly have been “Thank you!” with a smile or giggle as things which would have taken weeks and months to work out are illuminated, resolved and released with one small but powerful dream. With every night and lessons learned I feel a little bit lighter and more content in my being. I am so glad I chose to explore the magical capacities of my being by following my intuition. And pleased that I can do it on my own and what is more with much entertainment, humor and ease. Who would have known that shadow work could take this form once the pain, shame and guilt have been acknowledged? 

It is yet another amazing gift of this year to be able to do a part of my self work in my dreams!

Dreams are a safe, magical and playful space for learning and communication between different parts of my Self even across timelines and dimensions. What a blessing to be able to tap into these vast resources for knowing, healing, integration and pure joy!

I welcome the blessings and gifts of my path with gratitude.

Photography “Inbetween” of Dreamworld series by Lotta van Droom
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