Gate of Vibrational Integrity

Like the figures in this image we are faced with another gateway, some of us unconscious of it while others of us are given the insights as to what we need to leave behind when we step through the portal into our new reality and new paradigm.

We stand at a gate of vibrational integrity.

No longer can we allow ourselves to give in or be unconscious of the proclivities of the ego and only be met with their consequences after a delay. We have entered a space where we are experiencing more of an instant karma and instant manifestation of our vibrational frequencies.

All the purging, releasing of old karma, having to consciously let go of beliefs, attitudes and behavioral patterns, the practicing of awareness and self awareness in the past years were in preparation for what awaits us now.

Our thoughts, spoken words, feelings and intentional visions become the reality we experience with an imminence like never before. You might have noticed a shift in the energy, doors opening where they before had slammed shut and remained closed.

You might feel, sense and observe how things are suddenly aligning, people entering your life, inspired ideas being enhanced, co-signed by others and suddenly faster available than you would have believed possible.
Just like that – magic.

Our old mindsets and beliefs as to how things are done cannot cross this portal.

After working on reclaiming and aligning with your sovereignty in aloneness you are sensing, experiencing and recognizing the souls meant to co-create your future visions, mission and path with you. They might not be the ones you envisioned or new to your life and yet they are more familiar than those you have known for decades. In connecting you realize that you bring unique and complementary gifts and skills to the table which synergistically harmonize and co-create with potency.

Creation is no longer motivated by the small self but originates with the SELF and happens with guidance by Source in an elegant flow and dance of being, joy, love and light-heartedness transcending external circumstances in the 3D.

With gratitude, awe and excitement for the infinite possibilities awaiting us patiently.

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