Lessons on Being and Relating

I am feeling the end of a large cycle in my life. About two decades of learning multidimensional lessons on relationships, self love and sovereignty. Looking back I am in awe and gratitude for the growth, knowledge, integration and wisdom these life lessons brought to me.

I am grateful for the friends, lovers and partners who availed themselves in this game of consciousness playing at being one and many.

I bow to all of you for you have taught me many valuable lessons I will carry into the rest of my life and can share with others along my path.

Our challenges helped me realize how my mind tends to complicate things, taught me to be keener in my perceptions, see the simplicity of reality and let me touch on the quintessence of relational dynamics and existence in the most magical way.

Feeling betrayed and manipulated had me realize where I was deaf to my intuition or insights from Spirit, teaching me to listen and become aware, which in turn opened the gateway to epiphanies of a higher quality and order.

Feeling hurt allowed me to observe my reactionary patterns, seek and find ways to revolutionize how I respond to triggers, calm my nervous system and rebirth myself as a more balanced and whole being.

Your behaviors and words often necessitated me to face, acknowledge and understand my intolerance hiding behind reactivities and feeble rationalizations and gave me an opportunity to practice forgiveness for you and myself.

Our egoic games showed me how easily I feel lost and triggered to create rigid principles and structures for “safety,” eventually putting me on a path of seeking and cultivating inner grounding and self love, which allowed me to access healing states of oneness with Source.

Your withholding of love, connection or blaming of your projections on me made me face the pattern of mediocrity arising from trying to live up to my conditioning, pushing me to explore and embody my individual and quirky style and to no longer be interested in fiting in or measuring up but rather to strive for exquisiteness.

Your willingness to play the perpetrator, victim or savior allowed me to cycle through all roles and become deeply intimate with the darkness and futility of the dynamics of victimization, teaching me to forge a path towards freedom and peaceful relating.

You helped me realize where I allowed myself to be blinded by the shadow of fantasy whenever your actions or words brutally disrupted them, reminding me to practice awareness, to grow and move past this thief of life energy towards anchoring myself in reality and slowly learn to anticipate its flow and emanations.

Your selfishness and lack of reciprocity in our relating forced me to face my shadow of self obsession, inspiring me to integrate it into a more whole and natural self expression, growing towards being and reposing in equanimity.

Our relationships helped me to learn to accept and handle limitations with greater realism and find a path to a higher sense of justice and balance within.

You helped me overcome the patterns of co-dependency as we danced together through both sides of the dynamic, teaching me to take better care of my needs, learn to fill my own cups and honor my sensitivity while illuminating the willingness to sacrifice with awareness, transforming it into a deliberate and empowered choice from the unconscious self defeating pattern it used to be. 

I thank you for your part in my growth and learning, regardless if you are still in my life or our paths have parted I bless you and thank you. 

May all beings be free from the cords of painful patterns and only carry the fragrance of the lessons learned with us as we rise collectively to the next level of being and relating with existence.

Art by Yung Yemi aka Adeyemi Adegbesan
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