The transformational power of awareness lies in pure perception without the interference of limitations and distortions arising from words, concepts and conditionings, collective agreements. 

When pure awareness shines the light of perception on something it knows it down to the multi-dimensional nature and creative potentiality of consciousness it is made of. It is the power of this kind of perception that awakens flow and transformative potentiality in the observed if it is in a stagnant state. 

This, and only this, level of awareness beyond the mind of the small self creates true change and freedom. Not the awareness of the human mind, not to acknowledgment by the small self but the presence and awareness of the Self and its higher dimensional frequency.

Whenever the small self observes something it re-affirms and recreates the observed from history, collective agreements, conditionings, concepts and ideas embedded in language which perpetuates the dysfunctional patterns of the matrix. Yet when we operate from a union of self and Self, and as the Self observes from a zero-point consciousness the observed is recreated and affirmed in a new form with a new potential for expression.

I immensely enjoy my lessons on the workings and mechanics of consciousness and the technologies of creatively and positively engaging with the quantum field. 

Art: The Bridge by Patrick Tilp
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