On Service

Understanding the real nature of our being and the principles of this Universe leads to many a subtle and powerful shift in our perceptions and knowledge of existence and our role in it.

I held an unconscious misunderstanding of what it means to give of ourselves and our gifts to life for most of this lifetime. Conditioned to (un)consciously take undue responsibility for the wellbeing of all beings and things around me and having come with a contract of lightening and healing karma and distortions in my ancestral lineages was a fruitful if unhealthy combination that fed into above misunderstanding.

In my limited human feeling I longed to share and give of myself to all beings to alleviate their pain and lighten their load while my limited human thinking informed by trauma and conditioning held to people needing to earn and be worthy of whatever I have and was gifted to share. These two contradictory stances, in their decades of conflict, have attracted many an interesting albeit at times painful or confounding experiences.

I realize now that there were aspects in both attitudes that were right and equally wrong for lack of perception of reality as it truly is and not the illusion we perceive within the distortion fields of our collective and individual conditioning. 

The reality of existence is that we live in a permanent vibratory communication with everything in the Universe, we simply cannot not communicate. Therefore all we do, believe, feel, think is constantly feeding into what connects all of life in oneness. None of us can ever stop being of service to the One, regardless of our choices and deeds, it all informs and serves the collective and the unfolding of life.

And yet this doesn’t translate into us sharing everything and giving of ourselves equally to everyone who crosses our path in the denser physical reality of human interactions. This is where discernment and higher mind can come into play and engage in creative, un-linear and seemingly illogical or inconsistent ways through our beings. If we step out of their way they can create more meaningful experiences born from what feels like magic and incites bliss, equanimity and a deep sense of alignment in us.

Our (conditioned) human perception of what another needs or wants is faulty at best and harmful at worst. This is why humility and higher discernment are needed, to counter the prideful or shameful conditioning in us that we may walk with loving-kindness and playful fire of Spirit in our being. 

Therefore I choose to focus on my vibratory integrity, walk this earth with sovereignty, being as joyful, peaceful, loving, compassionate and mindful as I can, listening to intuition and Spirit to guide my sharing and keep knowing and thoughts to myself whenever they are silent. My life is now about honoring and being in service to the higher wisdom of Life/Spirit/Source (or whatever you prefer to name it).

If you want to awaken all of humanity,

then awaken all of yourself,

if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world,

then eliminate all that is negative in yourself.

Truly the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.

~ Lao Tzu

Photography by Dewan Irawan
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