Social Contracts and Rituals

A lot of the social contracts and rituals we have in our cultures, which pretend to serve peace and connection in our community are essentially serving the matrix and keep us firmly asleep. 

When you take time to meditate on this you might arrive at the knowing that humans are in no need for formal, static rules of engagement or rituals, whose roots and meanings are “lost” on us or have been redressed prettily to fabricate our consent to a dark reality while pretending to be all light and “normal”. 

We are beings capable of far more than we know or give ourselves credit for in the endless stream of gaslighting and conditioning we have mistaken for reality itself.

I am clear in my intention not to allow myself to be enslaved by the matrix nor do I intend to sleep. Therefore I keep choosing conscious experimental processes which have been great tools empowering me to see, know and deprogram cult and conventional programming. 

I do not expect others to do as I do as I know this to be my path not theirs. 

Yet I have faith those with “eyes to see, ears to hear” will understand or be led by their response (emotive, mental, physical) to explore and find treasures of insights and knowing along that journey. And those who cannot yet see beyond the conditioning and the predator they identify with as their mind will be “served” by having something to spin into narratives of negativity and feed their shadow and other entities as their sleep remains untouched.

In 2019 my focus shall lie in further dismantling illusions by actively stepping out of more contracts and rituals, which no longer have the value and meaning to me we are conditioned to share, as consciousness and self work have ripped some veils to allow for their underlying code to show its undesirability. 

I will keep retraining my mind to drop its two fundamental addictions to 

  1. eating up or creating negativity and 
  2. knowledge and reason as ultimate and sole reality. 

Teaching my mind to be a good servant and tool for consciousness, my soul and heart as well as a loving caretaker of my body and health.

It entails no longer celebrating birthdays and finding other ways in order to express my appreciation and gratitude for another’s existence without binding us to time and other limiting narratives of the prescribed dream.

And while coming from love and compassion I am practicing being radically honest and authentic in my engagements instead of allowing prescribed scripts and ideas of who and how I should be to bar real connection and aware co-creation with another. 

As I keep experimenting and learning more things will be revealed and fall by the wayside as the veils clouding the mind are falling and this dance of life that is existence becomes more free and joyous as life and consciousness celebrate union.

Illustration by Julia Suits, The New Yorker Cartoonist & author of The Extraordinary Catalog of Peculiar Inventions
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