Out of Identity

I am currently been guided to take my mind on a sharply contrasting journey of observing the human mind (darkness) and consciousness (light), within as well as without, to release further distortions of separation and duality.
It is a fun and yet challenging journey that has me more in my observing and reflective mode than in communicative and social mode and I find myself often incapable to engage on the human level for it.
Which is an interesting sensation and experience to have. On the one hand wanting to engage and connect with beloveds but on the other hand being immersed in the knowing of another dimension and that this “work” is of urgency and needs my whole focus and attention. To surrender to a strong pull away from the ordinary towards the non-physical.
I sense the hand of Source as consciousness directs more of my attention, energy and focus in the restructuring of my inner landscapes and honing new senses and skills. My days are filled with awe as broadened perceptions allow for more understanding and knowing of the human condition, of this self I have created, of laws of existence and possibilities of creative engagement with all of life and consciousness.
It is a multilayered, strange and mesmerizing experience of change and shift within the mundane shell of a quiet daily life. A new kind of in-between that cannot be adequately explained to those who have yet to experience something like it.
An out of person/ identity experience that is way more desirable than an out of body experience to me – at least for now.
Photography: The Unseen by Lara Zankoul
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