he was beautiful though not my type – whatever that is. something about him triggered my interest and when we started talking made me instantly switch into playfulness. my curiosity happily leapt at the prospect of exploring the vast depth i sensed behind these irresistibly blue eyes. underneath his reserved behavior i could sense the openness of his spirit and a lovely awareness connected with mine in fascination.

oh the infinite possibilities of one moment…
until something prompted him to disconnect.

leaving me wondering why some let such moments go by as if there are millions of them to be had every day? don’t they understand these moments are gifts meant to be explored and enjoyed in all their colorful nuances? it does’t mean you are promising a rose garden, just being fully in the moment and opening yourself to the surprises hidden in it.

another beautiful moment faded unexplored into oblivion…
men and their behavior never cease to fascinate me! 

~ 01.12.2012
Photography by Caitlin Worthington

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