“She was used to it… 
having invisible footprints 
in other people’s lives… 
“leave nothing take nothing” 
as if her lovers and friends 
were national parks, protected, 
preserved for some future 
in which she had no part. 

And truth was, it was easy 
to tread lightly, to give of herself 
and take nothing in return… 
to love and be loved 
behind masks and curtains… 
safe behind demilitarized zones. 
Few people seemed to perceive 
how much of her was untouchable. 

But still, she dreamed of more… 
she dreamed of setting a flag 
in some forbidden city of a heart. 
She dreamed of complications, 
of flesh puzzles, of trying to fit 
two lives, three lives… more lives 
into the same day of hours as hers. 
She dreamed of leaving footprints.”

~ Peregrine

Photography: Finland by Julius Kähkönen
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