To Change Your Reality You Have To Know It

“Once you accept any situation that you have crystallized in physical reality back into your heart, the warmth of vibration of the unconditional love in your heart, in your center, is what melts crystalline reality and turns it back into the molten, golden fluid out of which you can create any reality. ” ~ Bashar

Meditate on the meaning of these words deeply and you will know one of the fundamental rules and tools of the games we play in school room Earth.

One thing I would add though is this: in order to change your reality for the better you have to understand what it is that makes it truly feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. And with that I do not mean the surface rationalizations of our mind which are easy to come by but the silent whispers of heart, soul and spirit. 

I have struggled with being back in Germany e.g. as my heart is still set on experiencing and sharing adventures in other lands and with other people. Of course there is an expressed feeling of alienation after the years abroad,  a missing of high vibrational experiences and a circle to share those with, the indomitable knowing my people are elsewhere. And yet acceptance and loving things as they are still didn’t allow me to create a different reality… for one because I am here to serve my mother, which is the backdrop of a gift of healing and releasing of trauma, a “downtime” to study, research and to remember. Remember who I AM and where I came from.

My dreams are elegantly strung allegoric narratives reflecting on my life experience and letting me revisit certain situations… especially the ones with feelings that were covered by thoughts or hidden by veils of forgetting. Reminding me that the sense of alienation from those who are near and dear to me has always been there, how relationships always felt lacking until I made my first soul connections in Bali. 

I remember with crystal clarity the first two women who shared with me that they are starseed some 8 years ago. I was drawn to them, feeling at home with them in a fascinatingly novel way, totally embracing their extraterrestrial heritage and unique magic while being adamant I am not one of them. In the following years I would come across this subject a lot always resonating with it in an eerie way but never even entertaining it being part of my incarnate history. You see, I may be open to possibilities but I only begin to believe when I have experienced (felt/ sensed) and known them to be true. These days, thanks to several sources pointing me to the same star system/ planet as my heritage and many little and not so little experiences which wouldn’t let me hold on to the idea of being of earth origin… I am finally embracing this knowing and seeing the nomadic life, the search for the “right” home and “my people” in a whole new context… and shaking my head at how deep my forgetting ran. 

I recall one of my teachers in Bali ask me “Why did you choose to believe the lies and to forget the Law of One?” This question has been my meditative mantra ever since. I have uncovered some of the reasons but know there is more that will reveal itself in its own time. One answer I found was: you are a better helper or teacher in all that you experienced yourself as your compassion AND knowing are deepened and you share from the powerful authenticity of having walked the walk. I know there is more to this choice and that it is meant to inform and serve upcoming missions.

So here I am taking this experience of forgetting, exile and missing my star family with love and light into my heart to alchemize this reality into one co-created with beloveds, anchored into the new earth, in a renewed sense of belonging, community and in service of Source.

Calling in and welcoming those with whom I have shared lives in other worlds, companions through incarnations across the milky way, the ones who vibrate with the remembrance of long past homes and all who came to serve Earth and humanity with love and light.

Art: Messenger of Light by John Pitre

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