Dream School

I often refer to dream school but have not yet explained what I mean by that, which allowed everyone to find their own definition or understanding but not really know mine.

Dream school in my definition is set apart from usual dreams, which are made up of the feedback and information shared by the subconscious and its capacity to read energy and other subtle cues for survival or wellbeing in a human definition. Such dreams have been valuable guides and helpers in navigating the complexities of life within the laws and layers of Maya.

Yet the teachings of dream school are not meant to help me succeed and be happy in human definitions or the narrative layers of Maya I am currently engaging with. Dream school has an evolutionary and awakening purpose, it doesn’t care much for the dualistic narrative streams of Maya as it lies close to the Reality of Self.

Set beyond Maya and higher dimensional realms of consciousness it is an in-between space, allowing the confluence of an abundance of multidimensional consciousness layers to serve in customizing and expanding the curriculum for the dream student.

This is where I have been called to learn to see from higher consciousness the ancestral and soular patterns of karma weaving their stories in my experience.
Here I learn to utilize, calibrate and attune meta-senses, I get a respite from the heaviness of the human experience and am surrounded with higher frequencies. Frequencies hailing from star kin and home, which replenish me whenever ‘humaning’ leaves me depleted and remind me of my choice and purpose in incarnating in this time, ancestral lineage, soul tribe, and narrative complexes.
Here I am taught to utilize codes and energies to heal and liberate my human consciousness from the fetters of the collective daze, ancestral limitations, and to rework the body to release whatever stands in the way of fulfilling my soul purpose and create more space for higher frequencies of Self.

Lately dream school has been back in session with verve and I am given ‘feeling tones‘ of frequencies of being, relating and co-creation to hold (embody) and be on the lookout for in choosing companions and fellow travelers, who will be supportive and expansive to my path. I am being shown the necessity to put my focus and discipline into keeping my boundaries healthy and strong as intensities on Earth will keep rising for several more years and I have to walk my path undeterred by it to fulfill my part in this evolutionary phase of human consciousness.
My personal priorities can no longer swerve back to the hunt for human definitions of happiness (partnership, success, money, etc.), no matter how subtle my ego may attempt to do so. My singular priority in this incarnation is to fulfill and be true my Soul’s path with integrity, knowing and expanding consciousness.
Everything else needs to be in service to, fully align with it or released.

This is the nature of the path I chose before incarnation and I choose now, as a whole being, from my current level of consciousness.

My way of waking from dream school keeps taking many new rhythms and forms. Yet there are certain aspects that seem constant: feeling myself being gently pulled from the dream lesson, the link between higher and lower mind being strong the higher mind begins sharing the insights of the lesson in words and terms the lower mind can grasp or unpack, then they unitedly start reflecting, unpacking, associating, feeling into, anchoring this new knowing into the body… All that happens in the period I slowly move from dream consciousness to waking consciousness, and sometimes lingers on when I make time and space for it.
Afterwards, as I stretch and open my eyes I tap into my intuition to sense how this knowing wants to be carried into my day: through a sitting meditation, through sounding it to my subtle body, through writing meditation, or does it want to ferment and grow more before put into action or words.
And that is how that day will begin and unfold…

There is a sacredness yet lightness, playfulness and lots of humor to the teachings of dream school. I feel grateful to be enrolled in its mastery classes, even if my human sometimes struggles to release the conditionings, woundings, and to embrace the teachings and guidances and graces bestowed upon me.

Photography: Buddha offering, Lantau Island/Hong Kong by Michael Kenna
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