Attachment to depth attracted shallowness, 

Attachment to the inner attracted the outer.

Preference for emotional and spiritual intimacy attracted mere mental and physical intimacy. 

Preference and attachment to anything creates the experience of the contrast and thereby cultivates suffering. Such is the price of choosing to play in duality and separation consciousness.

Stepping back, releasing attachments and preferences, moving into equanimity and freedom from cycles of self-perpetuated and co-created suffering. I no longer am available for these games born of unconsciousness and conditioning.

And who would have known? Releasing attachments and preferences creates spaciousness and a vast vista of possibilities, which let what once was desired fade into obscurity. Conscious reality is a force of merciless destruction and indomitable truth and beauty.

I bow in gratitude to all the teachers and catalysts who helped me learn these lessons, blessing you and your gifts, no matter if they came dressed as joyful or devastating visitations.

I am complete yet remain forever unfinished.

Photography by Lopamudra Talukdar
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