With so much of the planetary family on fire (Siberia, Amazons) or in extinction by human doing I find myself in deep contemplations about it and my part in it all.

Living from a knowing that all is one and having a profound resonance with the Huna belief that what I perceive as a problem is my problem and in my power to address… I do not feel removed or helpless in facing this nor do I believe I have no part in the cause.

I feel invited and inspired to utilize all my being, with all her tools and power, to co-create with Source.

Before acting though I need to ensure that I have gained clarity and truth from my perceptions and am not being yanked by the leash of conditioning and cultural programming. Therefore I inquire into what I am perceiving, meditating on it, asking to discern the pattern that is being woven into the sacred tapestry of life.

What am I feeling?
Sadness? Despair? Fear? Hate? Empathy with plant life, wild life and humans losing their life and livelihood?
Feeling these feelings and inquiring into their source, the beliefs, wounds, ancestral heritage or collective unconscious expressing through me. Bringing the light of consciousness and awareness to as much of it as I can, while keeping an eye on my wellbeing and self care.

What am I sensing?
A call for holding space? Meditation? Ritual? A call for healing aspects of self in service of the collective unconscious? A call for more direct, political or physical action? A call for a combination of the above or something else?
Asking and discerning how Life is calling me to engage with and support or be a joyous and cooperative part of her flow now. Tuning into Spirit and letting it guide me. Adapting as necessary in full trust of the higher wisdom guiding me.

What purpose is this event serving in the bigger picture?
Opening to the higher mind, all sensate and spiritually sensate information permeating me, listening to the silence or the knowing which makes itself available.

Reminding myself that ensuring my perception and motivations are sourced from my Self and Source and not any other source amplifies the effectivity of my doing.

Reminding myself that everyone is called to engage with and serve Life in a unique way. There is no right/ wrong way of doing life, just a choice of doing it in alignment with conditioning/programming or in alignment with Source. Sometimes both might look the same from an external perspective but what counts, for me, is the quality of awareness and the source of the energy and actions within.

I might equally appreciate calls to actions, donations, meditations, rituals, demonstrations, other political tools or more. Yet I will only join and be part of the things Life has called me to do and intuition has magnetized me to. Such is my path and my daily practice.
My senses are tuned to monitor the source of energy in the calls and my response and bar me from engaging with anything that comes from or creates fear or a lack of honor of oneness, free will and sovereignty for all.

These are interesting times we live in…
May we live well in our creative dance with Life and her numinous fabric of infinite becoming and transforming.

Photography: Meditation V by esee via Deviantart
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