Body and Moon

I wished I had grown up surrounded by women who loved and honored their body as well as their moon time. Women who were keepers of the knowledge about the sacredness of our flesh and blood. I am more than sure it would have spared me decades of pain, feeling victimized by my own body due to my culturally skewed perception of her and her magic.

I have learned my body is very gracious if treated with kindness, honor and understanding and I need not suffer menstrual pain. If I listen to the first signs of discomfort, breathe deeply and ask what my body needs the pain subsides instantly as my body trusts that I will listen and meet her needs.
These days I rest on the first day, even though I am pain free. I take that day to treat my self with extra gentleness and pampering my body and keeping my journals close to me as inspirations run deep. In turn she kindly listens to me when I ask her to change the dates of my moon flow to fit something of importance to me or when I cannot meet her needs in this moment. She is amazing like that. In the past months we have been experimenting with not using a moon cup and trusting that we could control the flow as did our ancestral mothers… and it worked like a charm, even when asleep.

I am in awe of what is possible when we heal our relationship with our body and earn her trust.. and feel like I have not even scratched the surface of what is possible yet!

I have learned that the moon time is not only a cleansing of the body but it also is a cleansing of our emotions, thoughts and an invitation to raise our awareness by shedding what blocks us. Sometimes I ask questions that contemplation and meditation did not answer and am gifted with clear dreams in response. Regardless of putting questions out or not my dreams are full of messages in these days and I listen and ponder their meaning and guidance. Lately they enlighten aspects that I had kept hidden from myself out of shame, things in need of my love and integration, sometimes they reveal the true face of someone I am dealing with to caution me, mostly they expand my perceptions. Always, yes always, are they on point and a source of joy to come.

And then there is the magic of the blood itself…

May younger generations be raised by wise women who initiate them into the beauty, the love and wisdom of their body and its mystic and magical aspects.

~ 18.03. 2017

Photography: Karo Woman Wearing Cowrie Shell Necklace, Ethiopia, by Angela Fisher & Carol Beckwith
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