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There are foundational and non-negotiable aspects to the way I choose to live my life and what I welcome, cherish and love in others.

I take full responsibility for my life, my experiences, my emotions, thoughts and actions. I work on being accountable and actively work on repairing the damage I caused and on learning to be more mindful and sensitive to the boundaries and needs of others. Yet I will not let myself be dragged into egoic shadow dances with those incapable of doing this consciously and playfully.

I am committed to a life path of healing and integrating my self, lineage and ancestral patterns. Self work is an intrinsic part of my life, some might even say an automated reflex by now for me.

Spirituality, mysticism and the fascinated hunger for the metaphysical aspects of existence call to my being and will no longer be denied or set aside in any way.

My intimate relationships are based on freedom, growth and sovereignty, my relationship preference being clearly non-monogamous, deeply committed and evolutionary.

I have no wish to change another, limit their freedom or expression. I adapt to their expressions and prioritize honoring my values, needs, boundaries and principles. I strongly believe in the beauty and value of things given from the stirrings of another’s heart and soul and have only little appreciation for things given in duty, from habit or from following social and cultural scripts. 

Oneness is the fundamental principle I choose to operate on, therefore you will see me work towards finding the zero-point in every duality and rejecting every ideology, policy, activism and belief system which creates or affirms divisions and separation.

Should we share these aspects, regardless of how we individually live them, you will have an honored and special place in my heart and life as we are walking similar paths. Life has taught me the precious value and necessity of having like-minded, like-hearted and soul kin in my life. 

You will find I cherish the exchange of experiences and knowing, the sharing of awe and inspiration along our individual paths. I thrive in learning from, in being inspired by the wisdom, passion, courage, strength, playfulness, bliss and creativity of others. Everyone I call my friend and whom I love and keep close is in a way a chosen teacher of mine. So even if you are not aware of it, because I have not yet found the words to tell you what I appreciate and learn from you, know that I am enriched and learning from you.

You will find me having an open ear, a shoulder to lean on and a willingness to help with all I have and in alignment with my values and principles. I know the value of myself, the value of my friendship, attention, time and love. I give them with a renewed deliberation, my innate generosity and a renewed sense and ability to redirect my energies or let go when people fall out of alignment or do not meet me with the appreciation and reciprocity I am worthy of.

Those who know how to fill their own cups can be of better service to life and therefore I no longer look to others to fill mine unless I should be down and out. And life has graced me with amazing women and men who show up with love, care, wisdom, humor and spirit to help me find back to my flow and self whenever I should be in need of it. This is a precious and rare wealth I treasure and love to repay with all of my being and doing. And what a joyful, creative and loving dance we are co-creating as we grow together!

Taking care of my needs and being deliberate in my choices has expanded my spaciousness to embrace and love otherness and contrasts, even if current processes and vulnerabilities guide me to keep some at a distance as my internal rebuilding and integration proceeds in a need for protection. One day I hope to be non-reactive, equanimous and loving with all forms of expression and being allowing me to spare not much thought on these things as they have become deeply embodied. 

As always I remain an ever changing and growing work in progress with the gracious support of the Universe and all my wonderful teachers and catalysts…

Photography: Adot Gak by Alan Michael Duval
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