Today my heart sings with longing for one who lives far away, in the lands of the past.

I have a soul deep yearning for the light in his eyes, the brilliant vivaciousness of his voice and the warmth with which his heart held all of me.

Today I am being pulled to you with a gentle ferocity, your heart calling me back to you, to emotional fulfillment and visions of a higher form of relationship only the two of us could co-create.

And so I sit here and hold space as waves of feelings, images and thoughts come and fill the house of my soul with heart wrenching beauty.

I tell myself I will not resist nor will I grasp at any of this to give it a label or make sense of it in words or concepts, I remind myself to open myself wholly to these feelings, to let every cell embody them and vibrate with the miracle tones of our connection.

My mind is lost for words as none of this makes any sense. 

How do such feelings arise with such unfathomable intensity and trueness without the slightest indication of their existence for years? Where did they lay in slumber? Were they biding their time till I was ready for them? Are these feelings mine alone or are you feeling this too? 

I dare not allow my mind to wonder about these things too much as I would not want the magic of this mysterious experience to be lessened by its clumsy attempts at making sense of it.

I have no idea if this is just mama Venus sprinkling her magic of healing on the past to close it out on a sweet note or if this is a rebirth and rekindling. 

I just know that my heart longs to be united with yours in more than the spiritual dimension and that I will leave it up to you and Source to decide.

And so I surrender to this longing and welcome whatever it means or does not mean.

Photography: Unknown
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