Lover’s Blessing

May the hands, which touch you, be conduits of gentle loving care in all ways.

May the heart, which chooses to love you, be experienced in generosity, spaciousness, forgiveness, and wise.

May the mouth, which speaks to you in kisses, know to speak words of awe, truth, magic and love with compassionate tenderness and fluency.

May the eyes, which set upon you, softly gaze at your beingness with the healing light of love and the fire of the lover.

May the feet, which choose to walk their path by your side, know to walk with integrity where you are needed and towards shared expansion, service, and bliss.

May the being, who chooses you as their beloved, hold and match you in awareness, unlearning, learning, growth, and in being.

May the relating, which you co-creatively weave, be healthy and warm in its flow of kindness, reciprocity, honor of sovereignty, and commitment to love.

May the love, which you embody and express, mirror the depth and beauty of the love each has for themselves, and deepen as you expand.

May the soul unions of your choosing be blessed on all dimension, in all ways, and always.


Art: “All We Want To Be Are Dreamers” by Cameron Grey
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