Soul Love

Your partner is a soul, with life lessons to learn and karma to work through.

You don’t own your partner. Just because you are in a committed relationship they don’t belong to you. They belong to Life itself. And as much as you are together in a relationship, remember that they also have their own soul lessons and karma that they are here to grow and evolve through. Some of yours and theirs may intertwine, yet it’s important to honor their unique soul’s journey.

When you try and control them to fit into your idea of how you want them to be, you end up killing the relationship and flow of energy between you.

You have come together to serve each other’s souls. This may sometimes feel uncomfortable to your personality. Since things that would serve your partners growth the most may push your buttons, and trigger your own fears. You can react by trying to control your partner. This will only backfire at some point.

If your partner suppresses who they authentically are in order to be with you, they cut a part of themselves off and won’t be fully alive. They won’t be able to bring all of themselves into relationship with you. And your relationship cannot be fully alive.

Real love allows freedom. The freedom to be oneself fully. And out of this freedom you can both choose. When you relate from true free choice and not because of some condition you impose on one another, then your relationship can breathe and remain alive.

Love is freedom. Freedom is love. It’s vulnerable because it requires that you let go of controlling your partner and surrender your partner to Life. It affirms to the Universe that you trust love.

When you trust love and allow love to motivate your decisions, then your relationship will stay alive!

~ Kute Blackson

Photography: Sergei & Valentina by Irina Nedyalkov
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