“If you can learn anything from the failure of love, then that thing is: become more aware, become more meditative. And by meditation I mean the capacity to be joyous alone. Very rare people are capable of being blissful for no reason at all – just sitting silently and blissfully! Others will think them mad, because the idea of happiness is that it has to come from somebody else.
You meet a beautiful woman and you are happy or you meet a beautiful man and you are happy. Sitting silently in your room and so blissful, so blissed out? You must be crazy or something! People will suspect that you are on a drug, stoned.
Yes, meditation is the ultimate LSD! It is releasing your own psychedelic powers. It is releasing your own imprisoned splendor.”
~ Osho

Our minds have been conditioned to hold us in states of overthinking, stress and other unhelpful limiting emotive states. A meditation practice creates the resources that help us reconnect with the now and our heart which anchor or ground us in more spacious, aware and creative states.
Of the many gifts meditation brings to our experience, bliss for no reason is one of my favorites. To know that being blissful for no reason is just a breath, intent and choice away is one of treasures we can aquire that can never be taken away from us.

Photo: Holy man, Pashputinath temple, Kathmandu, Nepal, by John Berry

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