For a while now I have been having seemingly disjointed episodical dreams with an underlying theme which kept eluding my mind until this morning.

Every episode allowed me, as the lucid dreamer, to observe the dream self interact with people from previous chapters in my life and people I haven’t met in this life. Every night seems to come with a parade of people that are revisited and released and others that leave me mesmerized, curious and wishing for more. As I rarely dream about real life people unless the dreams are important messages about the relationship or current life experience these dreams had my full attention.

Things that stood out to me across all these dream-episodes of the past weeks:

The dream self clearly felt affection and care for the person while being detached from any happenings and outcomes while engaging from equanimity.
This aspect seems to allow my being to practice and anchor new relational habits and memories for relating from equanimity (read as emotionally non-entangled and non-needy state).

The dream self realizes in the interactions why these people are no longer in my life.
Seeing clearly the misalignments, the incapability to expand perspectives, the lack of investment in the connection, the limitations to growth and change put upon the selves, difference in paths chosen and purposes lived… which gives my being closure and allows for peace with their absence and/or my moving on.

My lucid dreamer self senses clearly a limitation, superficiality and lack of meaningful substance in these interactions and connections.
Which has inspired deeper inquiry into and reflections on the “divine dissatisfaction” (I forget who coined this wonderful term) this caused me to feel. Wanting to verbalize and be clear what it is that makes some relating and relationships deeply valuable to me while it renders others inconsequential or unsatisfying.

Some of the unknown people afford my dream self very different experiences as they are open to explorations, bring new colors, textures, vibrations and possibilities to relating and interacting.
The sensations, feelings and dimensions of meeting another experienced in these episodes are still impossible to verbalize as they were emotional, sensate and even spiritual in form. What I can say is that they left me feeling enchanted, lighter, felt like they were woven of threads of awe, bliss, joy and love I have yet to experience in real life. They had a feeling of being far beyond.. beyond all that I have experienced in their beauty, meaning, qualities and gifts of learning.

I am deeply grateful that the majority of the processing and releasing I am currently experiencing is happening in the dreamtime. I sense a lightening, a surfacing from the depth of my souls karmic entanglements and debts. I feel a lightness and clarity which I had missed while deep diving through this year’s calls for growth.

And I feel excited to explore more of the new that has made itself known in the dreamtime, sensing it to be a premonition of things to come in third dimensional reality.

Art by Aeppol
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