What is it in you that feels the need to control another or their expression of self, human?

What makes you think you have the authority to define how another has to be?

Why do you feel the necessity to judge, label and separate yourself from what you see in others?

Where did you lose touch with your child’s awe, curiosity and ability to move towards the unknown, to embrace the new and different with wide eyed glee and an open heart?

When did you choose to let those who hurt you once control the way you encounter and meet the world for the rest of your life?

Reclaim the innocence in you and find beauty, depth and wonder in all your eyes behold.

Get a little closer to that which feels different and seems to cause constriction, open yourself and take in more than what meets the eye, meet the essence of the being, know their world, see with their eyes.

Find aspects of beauty and humanness you share,  find awareness of oneness in individuality, give yourself and another a gift of freedom and love, freedom to be who you are and be perceived with eyes of love.

Realize you are so much more than you know.

Your capacity for wisdom, understanding, compassion, kindness, care and love are limitless when you challenge your thoughts and beliefs that say otherwise.

Dare to be open, curious and vulnerable and see your life experience transformed by deeper encounters!

Photo by Georgia Hilmer

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